Senior Center

Our Mission

The mission of the Senior Center is to promote and provide, in a comfortable and friendly setting – social, educational, nutritional, and recreational programs that will enrich the lives and overall well-being of Seniors throughout our community.  Come join our Senior Center!  Meeting new friends, learn how to stay healthy and most of all have FUN.

About the Center

Our philosophy is based on the premise that aging is a normal process:  that human beings need peers with whom they can interact, who are available as a source of encouragement and support.  Our multi-purpose Senior Center was established to provide nutritional health services to Seniors in their communities.  The programs, projects and activities are designed to help meet individual and community needs as well as contribute to the welfare of Senior Center clients age 60 plus.  Call (706) 918-3149 for more information.

We rely heavily on volunteers to deliver meals for the home-delivered meal program. We cannot run this program without these faithful, kind people. For more information, please contact the Senior Center.