Planning & Zoning


The purpose of Planning & Zoning is to promote health, safety, convenience, order, prosperity, and general welfare of the present and future inhabitants of Franklin County. The staff strives to promote sound development and growth management concepts in accordance with a comprehensive plan for the development and conservation of Franklin County. The Planning & Zoning Department is committed to serving the community by providing an orderly procedure for the planning, zoning, and permitting processes that are efficient and sensitive to community needs. Responsibilities include:

  • Plat Approvals
  • Zoning/Rezoning Issues
  • Conditional Use Permits
  • Variance Requests
  • Occupational Tax 
  • Prepares and administers the monthly planning commission meetings, including preparing the agenda and maintaining the official minutes. 
  • Subdivision of land, major or minor subdivision applications.
  • Amendments to the zoning ordinances
  • Site plan reviews for proposed developments
  • Amendments to and adoption of the Comprehensive Plan

UDC Summary Guide

Franklin County Unified Development Code (Adopted 8/1/22)

*New* Franklin County Zoning Map (Approved 9/19/22)

2005 Zoning Map


Zoning Map Approved / UDC now in Effect

The BOC approved UDC Zoning Map  on 9/19 formally enacting the Unified Development Code (UDC) that was approved on 8/1/22. The UDC now replaces the previous 2005 Zoning Regulations, their revisions, and supporting codes such as the Subdivision and Development Code and Zoning Text Amendment - Heavy Industrial. 

The BOC is allowing property owners, whose parcels were previously zoned Agriculture Intensive (AI) under the 2005 Zoning Regulations and changed to a different zoning district under the UDC, to request to retain AI zoning for these specific parcels only.

Starting Monday, 9/26/2022, property owners will be required to provide this request in person and/or in writing to Planning & Zoning Staff. 

**To request a zoning change for your affected parcel back to Agriculture Intensive (AI):**

1. Complete the Citizen Zoning Change Request form

2. Obtain and provide your Tax Bill or documentation from the tax office for each parcel along with the above form to Planning & Zoning Staff

*For properties with multiple owners listed or owners from out of state, the form will need to be signed and notarized by all owners prior to submission. For parcels held by a company, additional documentation will be required showing that the person making the request is the lawful owner, operator, agent, etc. for the company.


-Planning & Zoning staff will continually collect these requests and make appropriate changes to the map between 9/26/22 and the 11/30/22 (close of business) deadline as directed by the BOC (9/19 meeting). 

-Staff will intermittently post updated versions of the map on this page between 9/26 and 11/30, for citizens to view and confirm changes occurred.

-The BOC will provide staff a date of when they plan to formally adopt a new map incorporating the requested changes so that the map can be properly advertised prior to the meeting per law. 

-The BOC will then adopt the updated map per their plan. 

The deadline for these requests is 11/30/2022 and no requests received following close of business this date will be processed by staff.

Please see the UDC Zoning map (above) for current zoning and Previous County Zoning map (above) for comparison in regards to your property. 

**Parcel tax information or the use of qPublic may be needed to look up specific parcels in comparing the two maps. For assistance in obtaining parcel numbers, please contact the Franklin County Tax Assessor's Office or check qPublic.**