Emergency Medical Service


It is our mission that the men and women of Franklin​ County Emergency Medical Services ​provide rapid response, the best in quality emergency care, and protection of life and property to the citizens as well as ourvisitors of Franklin County, while always being professional.

Franklin County EMS

Franklin County EMS employs 27 full-time employees. Each shift consists of 1 Paramedic Supervisor operating a Quick Response Vehicle located at the Carnesville EMS Station and 8 EMS personnel manning four ALS units 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Franklin County EMS consists of four EMS stations located in Carnesville, Franklin Springs, Lavonia, and Double Churches Community.In 2019, Franklin County EMS responded to 4,684 emergency calls which resulted in 3,126 hospital transports. We are committed to providing the citizens of Franklin County with the best patient care possible.