911 / Central Communications

The goal and mission of the Franklin County 911 Center are to serve as the communications between the citizen and public safety agencies. Their top priority is for fast and accurate activation for public safety services. They do this by identification of the citizen’s location and public safety response needs. Their communications support and coordination is for all county public safety support agencies.

Franklin County 911
The Franklin County 911 Center operates 24 hours a day seven days a week and is responsible for: Answering emergency and non-emergency calls for service within Franklin County, City of Carnesville, City of Lavonia, City of Royston, City of Canon, and the City of Franklin Springs. Dispatching appropriate public safety departments to calls of service based on location. Coordinating multi-agency responses to calls that require the response of more than one department. Processing public safety personnel field-initiated requests. Maintaining computerized records of calls for service for all Public Safety Departments. In 2019, Franklin County 911 answered 22,083 emergency calls and answered a total of 55,604 calls of emergency and non-emergency combined.